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incredible! Kinda disapointed they haven't crashed into anything at the end. But i love the work on pixel art, music and humour.

One more possesion and the Gilded Guy can be a proper hotel.

My god... where do i even begin? The animation, how fluent and good it is. How it's perfectly syncs with the music. How i can see hours upon hours of sweat in each of the effects? How the storytelling doesn't stop and doesn't interrupt the action? How without a single word i can see the motivations of both characters even if i haven't seen anything else? EVERY SINGLE THING IS GOD DAMN PERFECT.
I'd argue that music was a bit... underwhelming compared to the previous choices, but then i've listened it with the good headset and the FAT BEATS just blasted me backwards in the chair. I'd still prefer it ending on a loud clash, rather than fading to black, but hot damn it's still good.
Thank you for putting out this miracle.

Christ, the "Diaoluge Skip" is just... wonderful. I mean A. A. A. A. A. A.

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Great game. Simple, fun and properly working. Adds nothing new, but is a great time killer. 4/5

Bob... what a bro.

YET ANOTHER pixel-art "game" with minimal interaction.

This game is about walking in one direction while listening to some mood-creating music and feeling the artsy message of author, who is telling us, that we are all slaves. Ironicly, author doesn't give any freedom to explore or even speak.

That would make a great story, if it wasn't told by yet another "pixel art game".

1) walk forward
2) feel the (pixel) art
3) repeat

1.5 stars for the soundtrack, it establishes a really good athmosphere.... for walking forward.

SilverStitch responds:

The majority of the game isn't actually pixel-art, just certain facets of which actually have to do with the retro-gaming aspect inside the story.
I'm glad you considered the story, despite it's linearity, and that you liked the music. :)

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Quite the masterpiece. Starts with nerve-wracking and desperation inducing notes, then into the complete heartsto and explodes into fast-paced chase and fight back piece. Absolutely love how well it fits the "Whatever happens, we keep moving forward and fight" theme of Madness Combat.

Ending was kinda confusing, i was expecting outburst of energy: exploding mountains and flying dragons, rainbows across the sky over the victory flags. But instead it went :"that was a good one, let's end this (do it one more time)"
Yet 5/5, not dropping the bar of awesomness and still, somehow, improving.
Incredible, mood setting track.

Semaphore responds:

that's what I thought =D thank you very much ;)

10 soul points per second........

Semaphore responds:


you give me 10 motivationpoints per second.......

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is this harrowed by it's existance "aaaaaa" or space marine, capital "AAAAAAAA"?

ZeTrystan responds:

a bit of both, I would guess? :D

Those vibrant colours and patterns actually made me think more about mexican day of the dead. I love it.

ZeTrystan responds:

Hahaha, in a way, it's true!

Egypteans were on the right track and named Cats "Mao"

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