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incredible! Kinda disapointed they haven't crashed into anything at the end. But i love the work on pixel art, music and humour.

One more possesion and the Gilded Guy can be a proper hotel.

My god... where do i even begin? The animation, how fluent and good it is. How it's perfectly syncs with the music. How i can see hours upon hours of sweat in each of the effects? How the storytelling doesn't stop and doesn't interrupt the action? How without a single word i can see the motivations of both characters even if i haven't seen anything else? EVERY SINGLE THING IS GOD DAMN PERFECT.
I'd argue that music was a bit... underwhelming compared to the previous choices, but then i've listened it with the good headset and the FAT BEATS just blasted me backwards in the chair. I'd still prefer it ending on a loud clash, rather than fading to black, but hot damn it's still good.
Thank you for putting out this miracle.

Christ, the "Diaoluge Skip" is just... wonderful. I mean A. A. A. A. A. A.

Truly a "Madness" Combat. Going over the top and sideways. Violence just flows. Sound design deserves it's own score and praise. Every punch, shot and slice is felt. Music is perfect with the slight theme of the circus music sprinkled in. A bit of the blueballing\sequel baiting ending, but when madness haven't ended on those?

Obliterated my expectation and even 17 years later you can surprise me. 10/10.

p.s. The fact that newgrounds went into technical maintence soon after release just makes it so funny and meta.

Great work on dynamic angles. And humour, facial expressions and overall quality is top-notch as always.

Goddamit for a second there i tought it was the OTHER madness flash.

Just as immature and not giving a shit as i expected it to.

Animation and voice acting is really awesome, just as always.
But your humor is becoming predictable. You've being relying on same thing for 7 years now. Try something new.

I know that internet isn't the place where i should ask that question, but was there any point?.
the animation was kinda good, but drawin style is complete garbage. the only not-complete-awfull joke was about Richter and the elevator. Slapstick is slow-paced, the "awkward" and "plot-twist" jokes are predictable and not funny. basically, someone dug up flash from 2004's grave and smeared it all over the actually good movie.

oh look, another one "pixel art" flash: 80% of someone walking in one direction while "art" stuff happens.
Athmosphere wasn't so bad, and sprites of a characters looks good, but background is mess and sound , especially used for the speech, is so bad, that it's make flash unwatchable.

sorry for my horrible english.

ClockworkPixel responds:

who hurt you?

Showing Title for the second time and for THIS LONG was non-essential, you could just show window, before showing credits, and put some gear-up sounds on background (like taking the keys/ putting the shoes... etc.
Dubstep is a BAD idea , if you want to scare people, we're here survivng, not shooting in aliens with dildo-guns.
Also i noticed, that Matthew have permanent grumpy face, even on a photo with his son.
Everything else is near-perfect:
Voice acting and soundwork is decent, ambient music was fitting perfectly, until dubstep happens.
Animation is incredible, especially 3d effects.

Sorry for my poor english.

Alucard responds:

No, your english is good! Thanks for your opinion, you have a good point of view!

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