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Great game. Simple, fun and properly working. Adds nothing new, but is a great time killer. 4/5

Bob... what a bro.

YET ANOTHER pixel-art "game" with minimal interaction.

This game is about walking in one direction while listening to some mood-creating music and feeling the artsy message of author, who is telling us, that we are all slaves. Ironicly, author doesn't give any freedom to explore or even speak.

That would make a great story, if it wasn't told by yet another "pixel art game".

1) walk forward
2) feel the (pixel) art
3) repeat

1.5 stars for the soundtrack, it establishes a really good athmosphere.... for walking forward.

SilverStitch responds:

The majority of the game isn't actually pixel-art, just certain facets of which actually have to do with the retro-gaming aspect inside the story.
I'm glad you considered the story, despite it's linearity, and that you liked the music. :)

The great game, yet still "holywoodish".
Voice acting Fire-Lion our of 10
Sound Effects Grand-Potato out of 10
Visual SDF marry me! out of 10.

the game is good. and i swear, this ambient is from Land of the Dead, road to Fiddlers Green.

Wolod responds:

No, the music was created by friend Oleh Papka a.k.a. Nasos.

gameplay : 0
music : 2
sound effects : 0
total : half of potato
summary: another meaningless pixel art "game" with 0 gameplay, and "athmosphere". I already played a lot of these "games" , some were great, some were not so great, ant this one is just bored me. you could just tell the story and skip to the moral choice, so players (the people that should be entertained by playing this "game") won't waste the time on doing THE EXACT SAME THING 5 times.
you could put your effort in making really good animation or comic or just little story, but instead, you make a "game".

Something NEW, the idea itself is awesome, but i think, it was a mistake to add a "joking scientist-test subject" thing, it would be more interesting to see people crawl in darkness without instructions or , at least, with more serious scientist, with older and deeper voice. Anyway, the game is good, i mean really good, it holds me, until i complete it.
Gameplay : 5/5
Sound : 4/5 (that annoying portal-like thing)
Music : 5/5
Graphic : uhmm..... potato?

this game is a golden core of all those "art games".
every single "art game" is about some schizophrenic fantasies, or emo-boy thoughts.
this game is teach us a great thing - do not waste our time on "art games", and go outside, confront cruel world, and make an art of our own life.

All the i like in original BB is back, and even some more. 10/10

found a bug - sound can be muted (and will not come back, until i refresh the page) right before jump.

too much blinking details, and too small window.
but gameplay is attractive and simple.
sound effects if 50/50 (sometimes i was enjoying and sometime my ears was bleeding)

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