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WunderShnitzel's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1,153 (From 257 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 16,895 Points

Portal Panic

Medals Earned: 2/10 (10/160 points)

A whole new world 5 Points

Enter the flash portal

Dad Get 5 Points

Rescue and recruit Dad

Power Devour!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/210 points)

The 3d-Xelu Award 5 Points

Give up in the 2nd part

Primal Sands

Medals Earned: 1/3 (25/100 points)

Escape from the sands 25 Points

Game completed


Medals Earned: 4/4 (55/55 points)

Bee's Medal 10 Points

Meet Bee!

Mitch's Medal 10 Points

Meet Mitch!

Shirley's Medal 10 Points

Meet Shirley!

Magician's Medal 25 Points

Kill the magician!

Push Me

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/35 points)

PFirst PFerfect 5 Points

You got your first perfect level score.

Pyroscape 3

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/180 points)

Lets do it 5 Points

Press play


Medals Earned: 6/10 (105/280 points)

Nuisance 10 Points

Annoy your test administrator

Pwnd 10 Points

Destroy a turret with it's own bullet

Sadistic 10 Points

Find many creative ways to destroy turrets

Almost Got Away 25 Points

Almost escape falling into the new chambers

Bullet Slinger 25 Points

Redirect a bullet

Winning! 25 Points

Finish the game

Quantum Corps

Medals Earned: 2/9 (50/450 points)

No slo fo sho 25 Points

Dont use slow motion in a level

Smoooooth... 25 Points

Get a flawless run


Medals Earned: 2/5 (10/120 points)

You met Her 5 Points

You met Her.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Reaching Finality

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/205 points)

Impossible to go alone! 5 Points

Get the pitchfork